More Than A Morning


Luke Rodriguez

Trey with his dad, Norman Wright.

Trey Wright, Reporter

The flickering light of my TV, the faint sound of cars on the road and my phone playing some music.  It’s refreshing to start my day in such a calming way. It’s nice to find peace early because then it carries through. Once I wake up, I turn on my TV and begin watching Ridiculousness. It’s such a funny show and it contains some funny tricks and stunts. I can hardly contain my laughter as I watch these people fail in their stunts. This represents my belief that the greatest thing you can do is make someone laugh. 

The alarm goes off blaring my favorite song GOOD MORNING by Meghan Trainor. I open my eyes to darkness and the faint light of my TV screen. I groan as I realize the time and find out it’s only 6:30 a.m.. 

Having no choice I lay there and watch TV for about 30-45 more minutes. Once my 7:15 hits that’s when I start to get out of bed and begin the active part of my routine.  

I can hear the blaring sound of my late alarm as I realize it’s time to wake up.  

I soon follow this by deciding what I’m going to wear.  This is the longest part because I’m extremely picky and indecisive. This is all in prep for the Girls’ Soccer practice at 8:30 a.m..  

The sounds of Soccer balls and stomping feet onto the turf. The screams of communication and the coaches trying to move into the next phase of practice. I wake up with a joy in my heart because I get to see these girls shine brightly every day.   

As I grab my stuff in the morning, I can vividly hear the stadium sounds like I’m there all over again. Fridays are the end of my peace streak for the week. The anticipation hangs in the air like a kite. I’m a Ranch Hand. My feet begin to move suddenly on reflex as our football team rushes out of the tunnel. Our team cries loudly and the heavy thuds of feet hitting turf are rampant. The crowd screams and cheers when our team hits the field. These days of games and practices really help shape me into who I’m becoming. 

Game days are the biggest motivation to get through the week. I’m so sad that our football season is over. 

The flickering lights of my TV help root me in reality. It’s time to get ready.