Dealing with the Boredom During Spring Break


Isabella Sapountzis

A photo of me at the Botanic Gardens downtown– one of the few times I actually went out during break.

Isabella Sapountzis, Reporter

Ever since middle school, I’ve envied my peers and classmates who took extravagant or faraway trips during spring break. Las Vegas, California, Disneyworld, Universal Studios—you name it, I’ve known someone who’s gone there for spring break. 

However, my family hasn’t gone out of state since the summer of 2011, and I don’t think it necessarily counts because we just went to Oklahoma and it felt like we were still in Texas. However, over the years, I’ve become less and less envious of my peers who were doing “more fun” things than I was over spring break. 

With spring break being last week, I’ve finally become content with staying at home during the week-long holiday from school and simply enjoying things around my hometown. I’ve found peace instead of boredom while laying in bed watching movies during the late afternoon, times when I could be out exploring in a faraway land like Houston. 

Still, though, extended breaks from school tend to cause me to fall into a depressive state due to not being preoccupied nearly every minute of the day; thankfully, I know just how to combat those feelings: draw, distract myself with a movie or TV show I’ve never seen, play with my dog, Nitro (which has proven to be the quickest way to cheer myself up). 

I don’t want to make it seem like I spend all of my spring breaks sad and alone, though. I spend a lot of time with my two best friends and my boyfriend—three people whose company I will always enjoy. 

Spending time with my friends really takes my mind off the otherwise dull days that drag on due to me not having anything to do. Although we just do things that we normally do when we’re alone, like watching Youtube videos or listening to music, or even doing our makeup, doing these things together make it ten times more enjoyable. I don’t feel empty when I’m with my friends; I feel alive. 

As for my boyfriend, as expected, spending our days off of school with each other is always a blast. We blast music in his car and go on dates to places like the Botanical Gardens, and his company is freeing and comforting. However, I only spent two out of the nine days with him, leaving my break feeling quite empty and alone. I would have spent lots of time with my best friend, Mariah, but of course, she was out of town, just like most of the people I know.

What I’m saying is, contentment doesn’t have to come from doing extravagant or different things– I found myself to be at peace with taking long naps every day of the break and having all of that free time to myself. It may not be the most exciting thing, but at least I’m happy. That’s all that matters. 


*Photo caption: Isabella Sapountzis
A photo of me at the Botanic Gardens downtown– one of the few times I actually went out during break.