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Rene Willars surrounded by her family.

Abundant Grief

After losing parents and son, Rene Willars still has hope
Lourdes Duran, Reporter December 15, 2020

Grief eventually steps into someone's life at some point in time. For mother of Brandon Willars and daughter of Damacio and Mary Lou Reyna, Rene Willars has been though horrific times. As an adult...

More Than Chemistry

More Than Chemistry

Instructor striving to be more than just a teacher
Alex Rea, Reporter December 15, 2020
"It was an accident, it was a fluke, and I can’t even imagine me doing anything else.” 
Mohammad Hammad at his gas station in Houston back in 2012. It was his first shop that he opened, and he wanted to see what he could do in life and what he could accomplish.

How Nothing Became Something

Fathers finds new life for family in the US
Abed Allah Hammad, Reporter December 8, 2020

My father Mohammad Hammad and my mother Randa Rebhi have always taught me and told me that words don’t speak for you, it’s always your action that speaks for you, and that’s how I learned to be a...

A Lesson in Believing in Myself

A Lesson in Believing in Myself

Caitlyn Jade, Reporter March 5, 2020

Traditions Two sections, an open space divided by a ring of palm trees and outlined by another ring of ice. Quite literally magical as I saw people glide over the ice with ease but also a nightmare...

Body Image

Body Image

Marsella Sims, Editor December 13, 2019

  In America, Park Nicollet Melrose Center says approximately 80% of women don’t like how they look. 34% of men aren’t satisfied with their body either. In high school, we see the same kind...

Color guard captain senior Siham Al-Adam practices before a competition.

Remember Me

Siham says she wants to be remembered as a good captain
Jada Jones, Reporter October 29, 2019

Color guard captain Siham Al-Adam embraces flags and jazz shoes, and sometimes glitter and bruises, to lead the color guard team to success.    “My sister was in band and told me about color...

Winklepedia: The Journey so Far

Winklepedia: The Journey so Far

Marsella Sims, News and Feature Editor October 29, 2019

  Charlie Winkley walked the hallways of Chisholm Trail High two years ago.   In that time, he has earned his spot as one of the most respected choir directors in the eyes of his students.  “I...

Danny Knowles as the Principal of Marine Creek Middle School

The Journey Makes The Man

Middle school principal shares life story
Gracie Knowles, Reporter October 24, 2019

When a student is sent to the principal’s office at Marine Creek Middle School, they expect to get chewed out. They are prepared to run into another clean-cut authority figure who doesn’t know...

Rea Of Sunshine

Rea Of Sunshine

Art Student says her grandmother is the main inspiration behind her art
Cara Wimberley, Editor April 8, 2019

Each brushstroke of green against the white canvas was well thought out and planned. Not a single bit of the painting was spontaneous. As sophomore Alexandria Rea painted her forest, she had one inspiration...

Sophomore Andie Barajas holds a part of her piece, Usher to Tomorrow

Drawing A Brighter Future

Isabella Sapountzis, Reporter March 26, 2019

She keeps quiet most of the time. Hands covered in the grey dust of graphite and charcoal, she focuses intently on drawing even the most minuscule details of her twin sister Mads’ face, making sure it’s...

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