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The worst songs of 2015

The worst songs of 2015

December 17, 2015

With 2015 coming to an end, 29 students in fifth period lunch were asked what they thought is the worst song of this year. Results can be seen below. ...

Marijuana, I don’t wanna

Marijuana, I don't wanna

Chris Salas, Copy Desk Editor

October 31, 2014

At the very beginning of Red Ribbon Week, a car sat outside. A car just as broken and gone as its previous owner. A car so mutilated, its steering wheel was an actual wheel. Naturally, it became the day’s conversation starter. As I talked with five friends about the damage to the car and the meaning...

Taking The High Road

Taking The High Road

Mark Miske, Staff Writer

October 31, 2014

As the most mainstream and culturally enriched drug in America with a market worth just over $35 billion dollars, and almost 58% of Americans supporting its legalization, it’s almost a mystery as to why marijuana is illegal. It’s a relatively safe drug with dozens of health benefits, and an enorm...

It’s Not Just About Passing

It's Not Just About Passing

Whitney Ford, Business Editor

March 18, 2014

Grades. Whether, you like it or not, grades are nearly the most important part of your life right now. Right now your life is full of “first priorities” and grades just happen to be near the top of the list. Everyone in your life is pushing you to do better, including your counselors, teachers,...

Testing Trauma

Scantrons such as this one are commonplace materials students use during standardized testing. Photo by Nicholas Alvarez.

Grace Price, Opinion Writer

January 7, 2014

If you ask a teacher what they think of standardized testing, they will most likely respond with the generic “We have them for a reason.” But can the reasons that are there outweigh the effects it has on students and staff? Teachers are looked at as good or bad based on standardized test scores w...

Let Them Marry

Let Them Marry

Cloe Meyer, Opinion Writer

October 2, 2013

Gay rights. These two words are raising a lot of awareness right now in the United States. Everyone seems to be arguing about it, throwing their agreements or disagreements back and forth. Some may argue that America is “One Nation, under God,” but is it really anymore? More and more states are...

Pep Rally Prison

Savannah Winters, Business Editor

September 23, 2013

We’re corralled into the gym like cattle; I might as well say moo. Teachers block all exits as if we’re going to make a break for it, maybe do something that’s worth our time. My friends and I sulkily climb the steps to the bleachers. Soon into the pep rally we’re told to “stand up, stand...

Grades: Who’s to Blame?

Jojo Diaz, Staff Writer

September 6, 2013

With the first year at Chisholm Trail over, we have set many precedents for the future. We haven’t set a great precedent for grades, however. Whose fault is it really? Last year we had many problems with failing grades. Students blamed their teachers, and teachers blamed their students, when...

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