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Astroworld Atrocity

Astroworld Atrocity

Lourdes Duran, Editor November 17, 2021

On Nov. 5, 2021, the Astroworld Festival turned into a disaster. As Travis Scott was performing on stage the crowd of 50,000 people started to push and try and move to the front of the barricade, but the...

Lourdes Duran pinning  a Plano Senior High student.

Wrestling Shortchanged

Other sports have started their season, but not us
Lourdes Duran, Reporter February 2, 2021
Wrestling is being left out. It is not as popular of a sport in the south as in the north, but it is a growing sport, and it is not fair to see so many other sports have a season but then we get the short end of the stick. 
Jogranny, Grandma and Kailee.

Lessons Learned From Loss

Kailee Winsett , Reporter February 2, 2021
I had never yelled in that house but now I did so she could hear me. The tv volume just got higher and higher each time I saw her. Crime shows or the news. Didn’t matter. The TV screamed. I screamed. Jogranny tried to talk, but I couldn’t understand her.
One-Way, Always

One-Way, Always

Safety measures made for everyone, even teachers
Alex Rea, Reporter December 8, 2020
"Now is not the time for anyone to be ignoring safety measures, especially teachers."
Crossfire: Olivia Holmes vs. Gia Bradley

Crossfire: Olivia Holmes vs. Gia Bradley

Should Open-Campus Lunch Be Allowed?
November 12, 2019

Gia and Olivia go head to head about off campus lunch, and the reasons why it should or should not be allowed. *This is an editorial written by students for students. The viewpoints expressed are the...

You Can Make A Change

You Can Make A Change

Step up to stop bullying
Hali Cortes and Justine Rey, Reporters May 11, 2018

Bullying is a major problem that affects the lives of all children. No matter what form of bullying it is, bullying should always be taken seriously.   Even though students say that bullying...

Gun Control? No, Gun Compromise

Gun Control? No, Gun Compromise

Meeting in the Middle on Gun Reform
Cara Wimberley, Editor March 1, 2018

I may be just some 16-year-old girl. I may have more hormones than the average adult. My opinion does matter, though. I am confident in the fact that something needs to change, something needs to be done...

With five minutes to get to class, students often have to run to make it on time.

Extra Time Needed Between Classes

Staff Editorial
Staff Editorial December 12, 2017

Passing periods are supposed to be a time where students can complete various activities that they are usually not allowed to do in class, like talking to friends or taking a quick bathroom break before...

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