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My Family: Aunt Nene (front), my mother Sheree Taylor, my sister Natalia Jones, Me, and my Aunt Sapphire. We went to an arcade/ inside playground in 2014 to have a nice family outing.

One More Tragedy

Loss brings family together
Zechariah Jones, Reporter December 10, 2021
 “My sister is gone!” My mother yelled. 
Taylor Pitmon, age 12. About a month before the incident.

Lost a Friend, Learned to Love

Mickey Brown, Reporter November 4, 2021
Drowning is one of the top ten causes of death for people under 24. Around 236,000 people drown each year. -World Health Organization
Tales From A Pandemic Worker

Tales From A Pandemic Worker

Working as a remote student isn't always fun, but the lessons learned are worth it
Leah Monge Gonzalez, Reporter May 14, 2021

A Christmas Miracle. That's what my paycheck felt like in December. It might be a pandemic, but I still work. Before the pandemic everything was nice, smooth and fun because it was my first job and I...

As I Am

As I Am

Asia Castleman, Reporter February 24, 2021

It started when I was in first grade. My teacher had my brothers a few grades before me, and they were not the best students.   She assumed that I was just like them.   One day in class...

I took this sunset picture from close to the stadium. It reminds me of the pretty part of love.

Teens Can Love Too

When adults say teenagers don't know what love is, I say they're wrong
Kailee Winter Winsett , Reporter February 10, 2021

Many adults think teens can’t fall in love; they say that we aren’t old enough to know that feeling. That’s not true though. I am a teen who has fallen in love myself, multiple times actually....

Who I Wanted to Be to Who I Am

Who I Wanted to Be to Who I Am

Stephanie Anongdeth, Reporter February 10, 2021

I was shy as a child. Only spoke when spoken to, never branched out from my two best friends, and would hide behind my parents’ tall frames when someone acknowledged me. The people I knew were comfortable and a...

College Conundrum

College Conundrum

First time applicant makes her way through the university entry process
Alexandra O'Melia, Reporter February 3, 2021

I sat on my bed with my laptop in front of me opened to my email box filled with colleges promoting their schools, trying to get me to apply. “It’s already August,” I thought. “I just have to figure...

Jogranny, Grandma and Kailee.

Lessons Learned From Loss

Kailee Winsett , Reporter February 2, 2021
I had never yelled in that house but now I did so she could hear me. The tv volume just got higher and higher each time I saw her. Crime shows or the news. Didn’t matter. The TV screamed. I screamed. Jogranny tried to talk, but I couldn’t understand her.
Dont Give Up Until You Find Success

Don’t Give Up Until You Find Success

Abed Allah Hammad, Reporter January 26, 2021
Everyone fails in life, but you can get better and succeed by learning from your mistakes. Trying doesn't hurt you. That’s how you become better. Don’t give up until you find success.
Curly Hair Maintenance: A simple routine that has shaped my life

Curly Hair Maintenance: A simple routine that has shaped my life

Alejandra Ramos, Reporter December 15, 2020

   Every person that has curly/wavy hair knows the struggle to maintain the curls, and at one point, we all desire to have flawless straight hair.  If you were to tell me in seventh grade that I would...

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