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An honest review over The 100

An honest review over The 100

Alejandra Ramos, Reporter April 17, 2021

The 100 takes place in a world destroyed by nuclear weapons and a century later the descendants of the survivors live in space. Since oxygen is running out, 100 juvenile delinquents are sent back to...

Book Review of the Red Queen series

Book Review of the Red Queen series

Alejandra Ramos, Reporter March 7, 2021

The Red Queen series by Victoria Aveyard follows a world where people are divided by their blood. Those who have red blood are considered the common workers who work for those with silver blood, who are...

Frame 352 of the Patterson-Gimlin film, alleged to depict a female Bigfoot

Creative Writing, Life Is But a Dream

A story by Robert Banks
Robert Banks, Reporter February 10, 2021

It was a cold and hollow morning but what I would see would change a normal morning to something else.  My encounter would fall into the Bigfoot category, but it felt very different from the classic...

10 Things You Can do to Distract Yourself From School or Stress

10 Things You Can do to Distract Yourself From School or Stress

Tips, tricks, and activities to give yourself a little break from school!
Alexandra O'Melia, Reporter December 8, 2020

School this year has been tough and stressful, especially this time of the semester with finals and semester grades coming up. It’s a lot to handle sometimes, and everybody needs a break now and then....

The TikTok Obsession

The TikTok Obsession

Gabrielle Saldana, Reporter February 13, 2020

  Every day there are millions of people on TikTok totally obsessed, staying up all night watching videos for hours straight, learning to remake a dance, or remaking funny trends that have been popular...

A Story From Trench

A Story From Trench

Gracie Knowles, Reporter November 12, 2019

Twenty one pilots have made quite a name for themselves. From their insane shows to accepting a Grammy in their underwear, these two boys from Columbus, Ohio, are bigger than they ever could have dreamed....

Story Takes Readers On Exciting Journey

Story Takes Readers On Exciting Journey

Caitlyn Jade, Reporter November 8, 2019

Darkness Becomes Her by Kelly Keaton Aristanae Selkirk, going by Ari, is an unusual 17 year old girl who was given up as a baby. Being born in New Orleans during the time of the Twin Hurricanes wasn’t...

single cover

Finding Herself

Selena Gomez's evolution seen in new song
Cambry Malone, Reporter November 8, 2019

After not being in the light for a while and just focusing on her new album, Selena Gomez finally released a single, “Lose You To Love Me” on Oct. 22, 2019.  The day it came out, the single was...

New Music Review: Vampire Weekend's New Single, Harmony Hall

New Music Review: Vampire Weekend’s New Single, Harmony Hall

Isaac Han, Reporter March 26, 2019

One of the last bands that are appealing to this generation, Vampire Weekend, is back with the new single ‘Harmony Hall,’ to promote their upcoming new album, ‘Father of The Bride.’ Even though...

Why I'm Sick of the Cliche Horror Film

Why I’m Sick of the Cliche Horror Film

Isabella Sapountzis, Reporter March 25, 2019

            I sat alone in my room, lights dimmed and pink-hued, my eyes glued to the screen of my laptop as I watched “Creep 2,” the sequel to one of my favorite horror films, on Netflix. I...

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