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5 for 1

Basketball season has started.

Ariana Garcia, Reporter

November 15, 2017

Varsity boys' basketball coach, David Markley said it best.  "Culture never graduates."  Making it the deepest into the playoffs, setting new school records, stats, or displaying a higher performance is every team's goal, however Coach Markley and Assistant Coach Power are sure to let the players know, that's not what's most important. Growing as a team, individual and student should be in the spotlight....

A Sister Story

Sophomore Brittani and senior Bri Reed both advanced to the 4th round in the All-State Choir audition process.

Hali Cortes, Reporter

November 14, 2017

It was round three of the all state process and sophomore Brittani Reed was confident. Brittani wasn't the only Reed on the stage that day. Her sister senior Bri Reed was there too.  Following in her sister's footsteps is just part of the norm for Brittani.  Last Thursday Brittani and Bri both made the fourth round o...

Theater Presents First Bilingual Play

Sophomore Davis Kirkland and sophomore Anna Reyero in the first CTHS bilingual play, Stories El Rio.

Abby Rojas, Editor

November 14, 2017

The auditorium goes dark and the curtain opens. The spotlight centers in on one person as the play begins. The audience listens intently as the actors deliver their lines with emotion and really begin to tell a story. Unlike regular shows, however, this play has attracted an audience that is here for...

‘She’s What Makes Me, Me’

'She's What Makes Me, Me'

Alaina Salazar, Reporter

November 13, 2017

Some people think spending time with friends is more fun than spending time with parents, but junior Brianna Oro doesn't think so. She and her mom watch Criminal Minds together then head straight to the kitchen where the magic begins. "My favorite things I like to cook are spaghetti, enchiladas and...

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