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Quarters 4 a cure

The Ranch Hands display the pink chains from the Quarters 4 the Cure fundraiser. Chisholm Trail raised over $850 for the Breast Cancer Awareness Foundation. Photo by Gabriela Rodriguez

Kendal Fowler and Kedar Collins

October 27, 2014

Last week the Ranch Hands sponsored a coin drive to raise money for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. By Friday, Oct. 24, second period classes had raised over $850 for the foundation. For every 25 cents, students received four chain links. Chisholm raised enough money for 13,000 links, or enough...

Rangers swim past first meet

Sept. 27 Ranger Swimming competed against Granbury high school in their first meet of the school year. The girls' team finished in first, the boys' team finished in second. Photo by Georgina Aurelio.

Jezza Bull-Briones, Editor-in-chief

October 2, 2014

Ranger Swimming competed in their first meet of the year Sept. 27. The girls team placed first overall, the boys second, against the host school, Granbury High School. Georgina Aurelio, senior, believes this is a good sign for the girls'  team. “Granbury is our main rival [at district],” Aurelio...

Organization Essentials

Organization Essentials

Whitney Ford, Jezza Bull-Briones, Business Editor, Editor-in-chief

May 16, 2014

I often walk down the hallways viewing the horrors of high school organization with wide eyes. Binders filled to the brim with crumpled papers. Backpacks home to every assignment given during the school year. Planners empty of all events other than national holidays. Whitney and I believe...

Hockey Dreams and Injuries

Diego Martinez shows off his Pittsburgh Penguins lanyard. Photo by Savanah Reyes

Savannah Winters, Opinion Editor

March 7, 2014

In 2009 Diego Martinez witnessed the sight of the Pittsburgh Penguins winning the Stanley Cup Finals, after tiring of watching that year’s football games. From that point on, Martinez cheered for the Penguins and his favorite player, Sidney Crosby. During the recent Sochi Olympics, Diego once again...

Easy As Pie

Junior Kaden Demedeiros, a member of the Entrepreneurship class, wipes Markley's goggles of whipped cream after he took several pies to the face. Photo by Journey Robison

February 23, 2014

The Entrepreneurship class hosted a pie throw Friday, Feb. 21  to raise $175 for junior prom. Students paid two dollars to give Entrepreneurship class teacher and basketball coach David Markley a pie in the face. Below are photos from the event.  

46 States Away

On Jan.19 Mika Hudgens ran the 26.2 mile Louisiana Marathon in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Photo courtesy of Mika Hudgens.

Jezza Bull-Briones, Editor-In-Chief

January 25, 2014

Math teacher Mika Hudgens doesn’t advertise all of her accomplishments in her “personal bio” on the school website so most wouldn’t know that she has run a marathon in Anchorage, Alaska. And Washington D.C. And Nashville, Tennessee. And by looking at Hudgens’ “personal bio” most...

Concerning College

Junior Matt Smiley receives college information at an October College Fair.

Whitney Ford, Staff Writer

January 15, 2014

You sit at your desk in class, pen in hand, staring at the assignment in front of you. But you are completely zoned out, not listening at all to what the teacher is saying. You’re mind isn’t blank, however. You have one thing on your mind. It is the one thing teachers, counselors, and even your parents...

The Science of Style

Dorie Tucker and Kacey Conroy show off their holiday skirts. Photo by Lasha Kelley-Little.

Savannah Winters, Business Editor

December 17, 2013

Chemistry teacher Dorie Tucker searches through her closet on an average school day, perplexed about how she’ll surprise her students today. Should she wear her faux eyelashes or a poodle skirt? She picks out her outfit for the day and goes to her job, ready for the reactions of her students. Tucker’s...

Our Holiday Hunks

Our Holiday Hunks

Meagan Hays, Kiley Flood, and Letty Castro

December 16, 2013

On Friday December 13, the first annual Mr. Chisholm Trail Pageant was held in the FAC building.  This event was a fundraiser for the Chisholm Trail Charmers dance team. Below the slideshow are the results of the pageant:         BEST SWIM WEAR- 1st runner...

Helping for the Holidays

Helping for the Holidays

Taylor Torres and Whitney Ford

December 13, 2013

This holiday season with an increased student body and more clubs, Chisholm Trail High School students are finding new and creative ways to stay involved in the community. The presentation below showcases the giving spirits of many student groups on campus.   ...

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