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Hali Cortes with her sister in 2015 at the mall taking Easter pictures.

A Reason To Live

The one who saved my life
Hali Cortes , Writer May 11, 2018

Sitting in a dim, cold bathroom, no noise or movement, I thought to myself should I do it? April 23, 2013, I was minding my own business when I was accused of saying something I never said, now...

You Can Make A Change

You Can Make A Change

Step up to stop bullying
Hali Cortes and Justine Rey, Reporters May 11, 2018

Bullying is a major problem that affects the lives of all children. No matter what form of bullying it is, bullying should always be taken seriously.   Even though students say that bullying...

Support, Report, Defend

Support, Report, Defend

Students expected to report bullying if they see it
Hali Cortes and Justine Rey, Reporters May 11, 2018

For some people the hallways between classes are the perfect place to hang out with friends. For others, being in those same halls becomes a nightmare.  A nightmare that leaves the students wondering...

Getting to Know Rockin Ranger Presley Matthews

Getting to Know Rockin’ Ranger Presley Matthews

Interview Presley Matthews
Hali Cortes , Reporter March 1, 2018

Getting to know Rocking Rangers: Presley Matthews Q: What do you think your purpose is here at Chisholm? A: I believe my purpose is to help my friends and be a spirited person. Q: What are your...

Choir Director Sarah Dehondt with Choir Directors Carla and Jared Hardy

Dehondt’s Dream

Student Teacher joins CTChorale family
Hali Cortes , Reporter December 15, 2017

Her dream started in middle school, and she'd held on to it for years. Spring 2016 her dream came true when Sarah Dehondt started student teaching here.  This year that dream became better than ever...

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