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Crossfire: Olivia Holmes vs. Gia Bradley

Crossfire: Olivia Holmes vs. Gia Bradley

Should Open-Campus Lunch Be Allowed?
November 12, 2019

Gia and Olivia go head to head about off campus lunch, and the reasons why it should or should not be allowed. *This is an editorial written by students for students. The viewpoints expressed are the...

Gia Bradley: Open Campus Won’t Work

Gia Bradley, Reporter November 11, 2019

Why is open campus not allowed?   Open campus is not allowed because of all the safety hazards. When teens come to school, they are under the responsibility of the school, meaning whatever happens...

Olivia Holmes: Off Campus Lunch Should Be An Option

Olivia Holmes, Reporter November 11, 2019

Schools should have open campus lunch because it provides healthier options and won’t leave students still hungry and allows students to be responsible.  First, the cafeteria food does not give all...

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