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Dont Give Up Until You Find Success

Don’t Give Up Until You Find Success

Abed Allah Hammad, Reporter January 26, 2021
Everyone fails in life, but you can get better and succeed by learning from your mistakes. Trying doesn't hurt you. That’s how you become better. Don’t give up until you find success.
Mohammad Hammad at his gas station in Houston back in 2012. It was his first shop that he opened, and he wanted to see what he could do in life and what he could accomplish.

How Nothing Became Something

Fathers finds new life for family in the US
Abed Allah Hammad, Reporter December 8, 2020

My father Mohammad Hammad and my mother Randa Rebhi have always taught me and told me that words don’t speak for you, it’s always your action that speaks for you, and that’s how I learned to be a...

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