The TikTok Obsession


  Every day there are millions of people on TikTok totally obsessed, staying up all night watching videos for hours straight, learning to remake a dance, or remaking funny trends that have been popular latelyPeople are trying to become TikTok famous by getting hundreds of thousands of likes and views on a video they post of them. 

Yasmine Salazar: @_theworldofyaz

Sophomore Yasmine Salazar is always learning new dances on TikTok, and she stays up all night watching videos.

“It’s addicting because it’s so funny, and it’s entertaining to watch 15-second videos and even to make them too,” Salazar said. “When I make TikToks with my friends, we have so much fun whether it’s remaking a dance or challenges.” 

No one understands how these people get tons of likes by just posting a video that looks dumb or that anyone can do, but some get lucky and others don’t.  

“There are so many people trying to get ‘TikTok famous,’ and popular creators make dumb videos, but dumb videos get lots of likes,” Salazar said. “Also, the ‘For You Page’ works so weirdly. It only puts certain videos, so I guess it depends on how lucky you get.” 

A lot of people will post the same video and some people will get thousands of likes and views and others will only get a couple. 

“I think because the ‘For You Page is random so it selects random videos that get spread throughout TikTok, so if you get on that page, it will most likely get you more likes and popular,” Salazar said. “When some videos flop, it’s because they weren’t on the FYP.” 

Jasmine Rosas:

Some people are constantly on the app like senior Jasmine Rosas. She loves learning new dances, and she is determined to become TikTok famous by getting a lot of likes and views on her videos that she posts. 

It’s a fun hobby and I enjoy doing it,” Rosas said. “I want others to enjoy when they watch me do it.”