Finding Herself

Selena Gomez’s evolution seen in new song


Cambry Malone, Reporter

After not being in the light for a while and just focusing on her new album, Selena Gomez finally released a single, “Lose You To Love Me” on Oct. 22, 2019. 

The day it came out, the single was #1 trending on YouTube, and it’s now #1 on billboards as of Nov. 5. It’s the second highest debut since Gomez released “Good For You” in 2015.  

The single speaks about Gomez putting people first instead of herself like in the lyrics, “I put you first and you adored it.” 

 She speaks about how she “needed to lose you to find me” and become the person she wanted to be. After the breakup, the person she’s speaking to in the song acted like their relationship never happened “In two months you replaced uslike it was easy.” 

Gomez responds to that pain with the lyrics that made her “think I deserved itin the thick of healing.” 

Which leads to the title, “I needed to lose you to love me. 

Emotional, meaningful, relatable, heartfelt are all some words you could use to describe this song. 

This song is one of Gomez’s bests. She sounds smooth and calming, and I love that about this song. The combination of the emotion of the words and the beat of the song is amazing.  

Lose You To Love Me is one of my top songs I listen to today. I think this song shows another side of Selena Gomez and shows her true self and all that she’s gone through and felt and overcome, and you hear that experience in her voice. 

“I want people to feel hope and know you will come out the other side stronger and a better version of yourself,” Gomez said on Vevo. 

The song definitely delivers. 

“Lose You To Love Me” is Selena Gomez’s first ever number one. She deserves it.