Isn’t it Romantic Is A Refreshing Twist To Rom-Coms


Mary Smith, Reporter

Isn’t it romantic is a modern and hilarious twist on rom-coms. 

 Natalie, played by Rebel Wilson, has a terrible self-esteem because while she was watching Pretty Woman as a child, her mother (Jennifer Saunders) told her that girls like them don’t get a happily ever after because in her opinion they aren’t pretty. The low self-esteem carried into Natalie’s adulthood. In fact, her self-esteem was so beguiling (that was sarcastic; watch the movie and you will understand) that in the first adulthood scene, Natalie unknowingly friendzones Josh (Adam DeVine) because she doesn’t realize that he likes her.  

I love the whole movie from start to finish. Its silly humor that just pokes fun at rom-com clichés is a big reason why I love it so much. Natalie’s life switched from a normal life to a rom-com. In her original universe she was mugged by a man in the subway then fought back and almost escaped with her purse, but she ran into a pole.  

From the start of being in the rom-com universe the movie starts to poke fun at the genre’s cliches. Like when Natalie woke up in the hospital, the doctor was unrealistically handsome, and if it were real life, he’d lose his license for being over flirty with his patients.  

The message Isn’t It Romantic brings to viewers is very important. It tells us we must love ourselves before somebody else can love us.  

The grade-A cast make the movie even better. The star of the show is Rebel Wilson. She played in other great flicks like Fat Patricia in Pitch Perfect and Robin in How to be single. She absolutely pulled off this character. I love the second male character, Josh. He also featured in Pitch Perfect as Bumper. Those two actors have great chemistry. I can totally tell that they are besties in real life. 

All in all I’d say that this movie was lighthearted and funny. It was a very upbeat and cute way to tell girls that they need to love themselves before they can love anybody else.