‘Sleigh’ Your Christmas

‘Yule’ love these gift ideas.


Cara Wimberley, Editor

Holiday lights begin twinkling on each and every street of Fort Worth neighborhoods, Joyful Christmas tunes play on each and every radio station, and stores are stocking up on their inflatable Rudolph’s- it’s time to start making your Christmas list. 

Being a teenager, sometimes it’s hard to come up with the things you want. You’re in that weird stage of not wanting toys- but you don’t exactly want something from Belk either. So, here’s a gift guide on what to put down on that 2017 Christmas list. 

Essential Burt’s Bees’ Kit, $10 

Burt’s Bees’. The love of every boy- and girl teen. Not only do their products nourish-they smell good, too! 






Bath Bombs, $14

Bath Bombs may seem pretty basic- but they are so fun to watch dissolve- and they’re relaxing from your mistle-head to your mistletoes. In my opinion, one of the best ways to calm your Christmas-Frenzy nerves. They’re not crazy expensive, either! 






Mini Buddha Board, $14 

The Buddha Board is a great way to calm yourself- it’s simply an easel that has magic qualities- dab your brush in water- and as you paint on it, your art fades away within minutes! It includes a small paint brush, and hours of relaxation! 





Silver Crescent Half Moon Star Ring, $33

Maybe it’s a bit on the pricey end for just a ring, but it IS real silver, and it’s adorable. If you don’t like this ring, there are plenty of other options on the ALPHA accessories website. 





Cloudy Socks, $12

These fluffy cloud socks will leave your feet on cloud nine.  






Novel Teas, $13

This bag of various flavored teas, each with literary quotes on the bag.  








5lb bag of gummi bears, $14

I mean, come on. Everyone needs a 5-pound bag of gummi bears. 




Gel Pens, $10

For writing all of your notes—In glitter and metallic ink. 






Aromatherapy Bath And Body Works, $23

Any of the 6 scents found at Bath and Body Works considered ‘aromatherapy’ are pure bliss. My personal favorite is stress relief. 





Blob Fish Slippers, $30

Why would you NOT want to walk around with beloved blobfish on your feet? 




Yeti Tumblr, $30

These cups are perfect for hot or cold drinks- and last a lifetime! Who wouldn’t want a bright blue cup named after a snow monster, especially at Christmas time?